Class notes 2/22/2016

What does an Annotative Bibliography have?

  • Annotation shows Summary description of the sourced what is its purpose¬†Shows this source is relevant to your bigger research topic
  • Citation
  • Main idea
  • Perdue yes, easy bib no
  • Annotative Bibliography 10 or possibly more
  • Composed of Individual summaries but interconnect in an Annotative Bibliography
  • Read all summaries into a bigger topic
  • Maybe has a historical context
  • As your revising you want to look at all of these things
  • The last few questions answers how it relates to our topic and relates to other bibliography sources
  • Summary what is the appropriate level of detail; claims and evidence
  • Findings or arguments say what observed in the study
  • Why and how is it relevant to the built environment
  • Reliability and credibility of the source
  • Is this something I have to explain to my audience?
  • Is this opinionated? there enough evidence to show this isn’t an opinion or limited?
  • Bias …only added if there are limitations
  • Images …have to also cite it but if you take your own then you do not have to
  • Connecting with the audience with pathos, logos ..rhetoric forming a connection with your audience
  • Describe what is in the image, to what is in the topic
  • Author’s and audience matters
  • Visual interpretation (how it is documenting something that happened one time and can be a literary expression) …… ¬†IMPORTANT IN COLLEGE TO USE
  • Use multimodal, maps, images of built environment, how visuals can help you
  • Difference between a tag and a category …..categories – what it is (ex. reading summary) ;Tags- what is it about (ex. nersessova)

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  1. I love that you had the idea to make a post out of class notes! This is a great way to keep updating your blog between posting the required assignments!

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