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*Image of Built Environment (Exterior) – Dupree Park (Playground Area)

Playground area
Playground area

The playground has lots of slides, monkey bars, wooden chips inside, and other equipment of tan and green color into different shapes to make it look more appealing to the children so they use it and have fun; while it is also safe with the type of material it contains and bolts embedded the equipment and a white fence surrounding the playground so there is more security.

*Image Built Environment (Exterior) – Dupree Park (the new outdoor exercise equipment)

One side of the new outdoor gym equipment
The new outdoor gym equipment

The other side of the new outdoor gym

This new outdoor gym equipment is a new accessory for Dupree Park. Instead of the same old routine of exercising where all the peoples sweat drizzles down and it packs all the heat and yucky odor, this new equipment gives the people in the neighborhood and in the town general another option where they can have that interaction with nature, have more privacy in the sense where the person is not packed with other people, more space, and more time to reflect on their lives.