Annotative Bibliography #1 – Community on Campus: The Role of Physical Space


College and its Students
College and its Students

Harrington, Kim D. Community On Campus: The Role Of Physical Space. n.p.: Atlanta, Ga. : Georgia State University, 2014., 2014.GEORGIA STATE UNIV’s Catalog. Web. 3 Feb. 2016.

In Community On Campus: The Role of Physical Space, Kim D. Harrington said “The purpose of this study was to understand the role space plays in student involvement and community on campus.” She used different research methods, and one of them being interviewing. Kim D. found the students showed that in the campus space, they make a lot of connections with other peers and like having their own time as well. All the students enjoy different spaces where they can be social, relaxed, eating, sleeping, playing an instrument, it just depends on the student.This long article that I found through the Georgia State library, was not meant for it to be about Atlanta, but it connects with Georgia State University, because this whole summary shows how in any campus, the different types of space specifically exterior affect the way a student lives in their social, academic, physical, spiritual, and mental ways or state of being. I chose this because I thought it was the only thing I could find. There was research methods but that was a lot, I feel like this whole article was a waste of time in all honesty.┬áThis article is completely different from all the other ones, but It connects in how it affects the way people live.

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