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Annotated Bibliography 5: REMEMBERING ‘Sweet Auburn Avenue.’

“REMEMBERING ‘Sweet Auburn Avenue.’.” Ebony 43.7 (1988): 164. Middle Search Plus. Web. 23 Feb. 2016.

Published in 1988, this article acts as a primary resource for the mindsets of African Americans when Auburn Avenue was culturally destroyed. The article first tells of what Auburn Avenue was to the black community during that time. It goes on to explain how it was split apart by the 75/85 interstate and the citizens reactions. Lastly, it describes the leaders of the community’s plan to bring the culture of Auburn Avenue back again.

I chose to use this source because it gives a first hand description of what the town was like and what it meant to the people. It will also describe the outcome of the neighborhood’s fall. It’s more reliable to use than a textbook because of when it was published. A textbook isn’t going to offer the same descriptions, quotes, examples, and language as this newspaper article did. I could use this source to make a comparison of that article’s Auburn Avenue and the 2016 Auburn Avenue.