Kimberly Oglesby’s Midterm Reflection

Writing on a blog can be challenging for many different reasons depending on the person. One reason could be that a blog is seen as pleasurable and not intellectual. Generally, an author would post tons of pictures or slang depending on the type of blog they want to display. Because this is an academic class, a student may get confused as to what may seem acceptable and what isn’t. The professor could place restraints or be very open. The idea of a blog doesn’t fit quite well with a student however it can be beneficial. If the student tries to become comfortable with the idea then there are endless possibilities as to what they can create. They may even see other things like Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat as another platform.

My strengths in this class are understanding the points in the required readings and displaying my work neatly and appealingly on my blog. My weaknesses are proofreading. I normally engage in peer reading so that others can inform me when the content is unclear. I like how this class allows me to be able to earn extra points. It is like I am creating a safety net just in case I don’t get the score that I wanted. I am more prone to the quizzes on D2L. I haven’t really used the Writer’s Help 2.0 because it looks overwhelming. The work requested seems too much or doesn’t apply to me. However, I am satisfied with the efforts I have made in class so far because of the pride I have accumulated in the work.

In the past, I’m used to just getting a prompt and writing an entire essay. Instead in this class, we write short descriptions, annotated bibliographies, and summaries that is essentially considered our research. The projects created in class, like the descriptions, are intended to enlighten someone about Atlanta’s space. For example, a student a working in California might want to know about different landmarks in major cities. Our research is used in our final analysis. In my English 1101 class, we had an essay about a group of people that we were a part of. We had to go to the place, sit back, and observe the area while taking notes. It was the first time I actually went out to a place to research others rather than writing an essay based purely on opinion. In English 1102, research is key to a complete ethical argument for an essay. With the work that we have completed so far, I have learned how to think critically about certain things and places. I begin to question “why?” to everything. I take into account what I consider to be a reliable resource because not every source is a good source. I have also learned that anything can be a platform. From social media to radio, television to newspapers, or song to poetry. There is a way to get a text of words, arguments, descriptions, or expressions across to the world. For the remaining of the semester an and in future projects, I plan to ask more evaluating questions more often while taking advantage of the resources around me.