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In Class Work 4/5/16

T: The build in environment of barber shops around Little Five Points are affected negatively from its surroundings.  Little Five Points accommodates predominately poor African Americans This area is known to a lot of drug trafficking and homeless people. This area has… Continue Reading →

All 10 Annotative Bibliographies

Carmona, Matthew. Public places, urban spaces: the dimensions of urban design. Routledge, 2010. In the book “Public Places Urban Spaces: The Dimensions of Urban designs Carmona explains how public places became “public places” and also explains all the elements in… Continue Reading →

Integrating Accommodation Annotative Bibliography

Sturm, Susan. “Designing the architecture for integrating accommodation: an institutionalist commentary.” U. Pa. L. Rev. PENNumbra 157 (2008): 11. This paper is a response to Elizabeth F. Emens, Integrating Accommodation,156 U.PA.L.REV.839 (2008). Emens explains how reshaping a normal workplace for… Continue Reading →

Accommodating the minority Annotative Bibliography

S. Keates, P.J. Clarks,Countering design exclusion bridging the gap between usability and accessibility Universal Access in the Information Society, 2003, Volume 2, Number 3, Page 215 In this article the essay the author discussed how the importance of having an accessible and… Continue Reading →

Interior design needs for people with Physical Disabilities

Yuen, Ophelia. “AWARENESS OF THE ARCHITECTURAL AND INTERIOR DESIGN NEEDS OF INDIVIDUALS WITH PHYSICAL DISABILITIES.”   The author discusses how people are  not aware of disabled people’s daily problems.To support the author’s claim,the author describes and gives examples are how… Continue Reading →

The Rhetoric of the Digital Space

This article is about the understanding of the rhetoric in a digital space. The author Hocks, begins by explaining how much the teaching of writing has changed over the years. Hocks describes it by saying that now a day’s teachers… Continue Reading →

PTSD Online

This article is about how content control features help stop people from having PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder and users of this tool get ridiculed. The author first talks about how criticizes say that content control features are for the weak… Continue Reading →

The World Congress Center Build

The World Congress Center is located in  the heart of downtown Atlanta. The Georgia World Congress Center is 3.9 million square foot convention center. The primary purpose of the Congress Center promoting and facilitating events and activities that generate economic… Continue Reading →

Mid-Term Reflection

At the beginning of this semester I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stay in this class. This class sounded too difficult and also too different from a traditional english class. But the more I started to understand the course… Continue Reading →

Gender Differences

Jones, RM, et al. “Bedroom Design And Decoration: Gender Differences In Preference And Activity.” Adolescence 42.167 (2007): 539-553 15p. CINAHL Plus with Full Text. Web. 24 Feb. 2016. The authors of this academic journal talks about different things dealing with… Continue Reading →

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