Have you ever wonder how much money a certain area in a city is being made? Maybe the way a place looks changes your perception of that specific place. Sometimes an places’ exterior design doesn’t resemble its economic success. Over the years downtown Atlanta has gained a lot of new companies and a lot of job openings. It has gained a lot of money and the economic is great. But the external environment growth is relatively slow starting.


A view of downtown New York

For example, New York City is one of the most profitable cities in the United States. Downtown New York has reliable transportation, modernized buildings, clean and neat streets. It has relatively no construction going on. The way the city is built is for on the go, working hard people, which sounds just like Atlanta. So why doesn’t downtown Atlanta look like downtown New York? The exterior design of downtown Atlanta doesn’t reflects its business growth. In this paper I will first discuss the economic and design history, my own experience of being downtown and then explain the relationship between the development of downtown Atlanta’s exterior structure related to its business success.

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History of downtown Atlanta

My experience of being downtown

My Evidence


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