At the beginning of this semester I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stay in this class. This class sounded too difficult and also too different from a traditional english class. But the more I started to understand the course and open my mind up to new things,this class wasn’t as bad as I previous thought.

The academic writing process we are working through in this is very similar to the past research I have done. It’s similar because in the past I collected data and then use that data to form an thesis to begin writing a paper. But it’s also quite different because I never collected data from environments (outside places) before. I never quite understood what primary and secondary research was until I came into this class. I learned that the difference between primary and secondary research is that primary is research you go out and collect on your own and secondary is research that someone else collected and you use it.  I plan to apply the things i learned to all other upcoming projects by primary research more than secondary research that I find.

I think my strengths as a writer are that I can compose a paper that everyone can comprehend and also I can pull out the main concepts or ideas that other authors have in their writings. But I want to work on using more descriptive words in my summaries and build in environment projects and writing a scholarly paper.

Points are the way you earn your grade in this class. There are varies ways to receive pints even extra points. Besides the main projects I have took a couple of d2l quizzes for extra points.I would like  to get more extra points but I just done have the time. Honestly, some of the papers I have turned in were last minute papers. And I know my points/grades from them reflected that. I am just trying to balance my time and studies for each individual class. But I think I can definitely try and put in more effort to score more points.

Overall, I think my progress in this class is good but it’s a lot of move for improvement.