Jones, RM, et al. “Bedroom Design And Decoration: Gender Differences In Preference And Activity.” Adolescence 42.167 (2007): 539-553 15p. CINAHL Plus with Full Text. Web. 24 Feb. 2016.

The authors of this academic journal talks about different things dealing with perspectives of gender roles and how people develop those ideas. But I will elaborating on how people use their perspectives on gender towards their kids and the decisions they make for their kids bedrooms.

The authors explains how people perceptions of everything in the world comes from family, friends, social beliefs and own beliefs. Even the smallest thing like what colors boys/girls should and should not wear comes from those influences. Gender differences starts early in a child’s life. The boys will have car toys, building toys, and sport equipment in their bedrooms.The girls will have dolls, dollhouses, and cooking equipment in theirs. The children are too young to pick the things they want in their rooms so their parents take on the responsibility to pick for them. But after a certain age they will be able to decide what they like and don’t like in their rooms.





Their parents and friends generally have a great impact on what the child consider acceptable and what’s not. But ultimately what the child wants and likes is up to them.