Sturm, Susan. “Designing the architecture for integrating accommodation: an institutionalist commentary.” U. Pa. L. Rev. PENNumbra 157 (2008): 11.

This paper is a response to Elizabeth F. Emens, Integrating Accommodation,156 U.PA.L.REV.839 (2008). Emens explains how reshaping a normal workplace for disable workers will not only benefit the disabled, it will be beneficial to everyone else too. The author points out the main concepts of Emen’s paper which are integrating accommodate intent to benefit disabled people but the cost of it will affect everyone else in a negative way.But the benefits outweighs the costs. The author then analyzes Emens’ argument about how the courts handle the bill/decisions dealing with accommodation and employers helping disabled feel at home at work. Also, the solutions to these problems like suggesting changing legal and policy and helping shape people’s attitudes towards disabled people. The author definitely agrees with Emen’s but also throughout the paper and tries to correct/clear up some ideas of Emens’ arguments.