“NBA.com, Official Site of the National Basketball Association.” NBA.com. NBA Media Ventures, LLC, n.d. Web. 25 Mar. 2016.


The National Basketball Association website contains much more information than the Atlanta Hawks website. The website is created by the Association and employs who work to create it. The purpose of the website is to give fans of the league information on virtually anything regarding the league. They provide news, scores from every game, stats from every game, standings of every team, and other specific and general information. It has information on the history of the league and even information on NBA official’s rule book and how they make calls. The purpose it serves is a purpose that is important to any professional sport and some of the greatest 50 players listed. It provides fans with information on the sport and the teams associated with it. The website helps fans see options of where they could watch, and also directs fans to their favorite teams. It provides news on each team and how their foundation,NBA Care, helps communities. The intended audience is passionate professional basketball fans, people seeking highlights from games, or anyone seeking headlines, or any general information on the association. Its useful for all these reasons and more. It could also help those seeking careers information. Overall this convenient website on all things NBA, serves its purpose to feeding fans information about the league.

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