My trip to Miami 3/13-3/16

Video of South Beach, Miami waters. I couldn’t believe how clear it was. (click link to watch)

       Miami had a vibrant art scene. We went to Downtown Miami to see the famous Wynwood Walls. The built environment of the area can be described as unique, and nothing close to what South Beach Has to offer. We went downtown because we found an article on things to do in Miami (,31489,1925375_1925376_1925391,00.html) and some locals suggested it to us and mentioned that we could find most of the art there. South Beach and Miami both have districts that encompass art. South beach had something called the Art Deco district, which was just an area with barely any art. While downtown Miami had a district called Wynwood Art district. This Miami district is especially popular during Miami’s annual ‘Art Basel,’ where artist from all around the world get invited to showcase their art. The environment of the Wynwood Art district is an interesting one. Our uber driver, a Miami native, explained that this district is fairly new and also very close to the “hood.” He proceeded to show us exactly how close the hood was. He stated that one of the warehouse of the Wynwood district use to be where people sold and made drugs. I was very fascinated by this, and I wanted to see just how they’ve changed the area up. The actual area is made up of huge walls with detailed art on them. Some you could get near, and others you couldn’t. Here’s some pictures:

My friends and I got to meet three girls from Indian University also there for spring break!

I noticed that many people didn’t take advantage of South Beach’s pier. It’s the further point in which someone can go without a boat. I took this picture from South Pointe Pier Park.

The sunsets were so breathtaking. I took this picture from my Airbnb home.

We got a chance to ride bikes along Ocean Drive.(click link to watch)

    This is the view of Ocean Drive from the Starbucks located near it. Ocean drive is one of the most popular things about South Beach Miami, the crowded streets help you realize this. Its filled with stores, places to drink, and fine restaurants. Most of the people enjoying these shops and restaurants seemed to be the wealthy. I took a glance at a menu outside one of the restaurants and the prices seemed ridiculous. The actual street had fancy cars driving up and down it, and even some bikes. There were even cars parked along it. The parking meters were little bit over priced and more expensive then other areas of Miami. Ocean drive can directly lead you to the beach by foot. Tall Palm trees covered the grassy area near the beach, and gave it a ‘Miami’ vibe that you see on TV. I enjoyed the beautiful cars, the fancy people and the tall palm trees.

Me and Kennedy at the beach, before heading to the airport.
FullSizeRender (1)

I hope you enjoyed pictures and videos from my trip to Miami, Florida just as much as I did!

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