“Atlanta Hawks.” Atlanta Hawks. NBA Media Ventures, LLC, n.d. Web. 25 Mar. 2016.

The Atlanta Hawks website is under the official National Basketball Association’s website and is ran by the web designers for the team. The evidence that supports this is at the bottom of the website under ‘Staff Directory.’ When clicking on that you find the staff members on the team in regards to ‘Marketing, Creative services, Retail and Video Production.’ The people that are listed under this tab are those that work with the Atlanta Hawks website. Their purpose is to give information about the team, players, standings, scheduled games, news, and community dealing with the Hawks. It’s intended audience is fans, people looking to watch a game, or people looking to see latest news about the Atlanta Hawks. The website also includes stats on players, information on how to seek employment, information on how to be a member of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball Club, and even videos on the best plays of the week. The creators of the website seemed to want the site to be a unique and interactive experience for fans and other audiences.

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