Class Notes 1/26–

summary was due yesterday 1/25 @ 11:59pm Mrs. A will give you by Thursday’s class content & style -what is rhetoric? ‘how a person talks’ go to G2W to find out context: author–>audience–>purpose thesis–>author–>audience–>purpose thesis–>author–>audience–>purpose thesis digital literacy-is a person’s awareness of digital environment and it’s effects people summary(communicating your understanding) Being Objective and moving […]

Class notes 1/21–

updates: new tab on Mrs. A blog called ‘Peer Review’ reading summaries due MONDAY 1/25 updated agenda (check out calendar) ‘Summary’ as a title for our reading summaries is simply to simple. Titles are made to “ENGAGE and suggest topic/thesis” In search of a title seek… -the intended audience -the purpose -detail examples: “Architectural Regulation: […]

Class notes 1/19–

To what extent does “the built environment” “exclude”? How? –Now that we understand what the class is about and how to write… Style and Content matter! Commentary is important, but not necessary. try to be OBJECTIVE not SUBJECTIVE, and get to the point! Developing a discussion and understanding what the author is trying to say […]

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