Pictures of Lenox Square

1) This picture of Lenox Square that I took, you can see the main entrance. There are two roads, One that loops around for valet and front parking and one that you can drive on (Lenox Square Road). The entrance is very sophisticated and large. There are large window panes, that help you look into the interior. The stainless steel colunmns help direct traffic and are put on for decoration. There are a lot of interesting shapes in this built environment. I see rectangles and triangles. I’ve also noticed the valet parking sign, a cupcake shop called ‘Sprinkles’, and a revolving door. During my observation, I realized that Thursdays at Lenox don’t seem too busy.
2) This picture, similar to the first, shows more of the cars. During my observation of the environment, I’d seen over 100 luxury cars. Most of the people there seemed to have money and plenty of shopping bags at hand. To the far left of the picture you can see a Porsche parked and folling that a Mercedes Benz. Driving on the actual road, there’s an Infinity coupe. Everything about this environment seems upscale and pricey, to say the least.
3) My view from the bench that was directly across it allowed me to see everything near and around Lenox. I was able to see the tall building surround the area and also the fancy restaurants attached to it. ‘True Food’ and ‘Zinburger’ looked like high end restaurants with expensive taste. The Cars lined up against the, were people leaving and going into the restaurants. Something important I’ve realized is the lighting of the area. Lenox seems to be pretty lit with lights, some unnecessary. The glare in this picture helps show that.

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