About Me

Hey guys!

I’m Iman. I was born in San Diego and came here when I was 5. My parents are Ethiopian refugees. I often visit once every 3 years. I’m a very visual person. I love art, watching movies, and being surrounded by nature. I’m an accounting major here at Georgia State. I’ve always wanted to leave an impact on my community, I’ve done a lot to maintain my rep as mentor at my high school and in Gwinnett. My personality is a something I’m known for. I can be shy and timid at first but when I get to open up, I really open up. I would like to think I’m funny, outgoing, and an overall nice person. This pretty much sums up who I am, if you would like to know more email me at imuhyedin1@student.gsu.edu.

Have a great day, and remember you’re beautiful!

-Iman Muhyedin
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