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Phillip Loan (2017)

Phillip Loan, Neuroscience
Mentor: Chris Conway, Ph.D.

Phillip Loan is an undergraduate student at Georgia State University pursuing his Bachelor’s in Neuroscience with a premedical concentration. He is from Lawrenceville, Georgia but grew up in Bonaire, Georgia. Phillip has been working in the Neurolearn lab under Dr. Chris Conway since the beginning of the 2016 Fall Semester. The lab studies how the brain tracks the statistical co-occurrences of environmental events and how it uses such information to predict future events. During his time in the lab, he has been working on a project that studies the neural and cognitive mechanisms involved in statistical/sequential learning with regards to language acquisition. He has written scripts, ran data analyses, and analyzed fMRI images. After graduation, Phillip plans to enter into an M.D/Ph.D. program with the goal of becoming both a neurosurgeon and a medical neuroscientist. Eventually, he wants to research stem cell therapies on neurodegenerative diseases and hopefully find a way to regenerate the brain. When he’s not on academic duty, Phillip enjoys hanging out at coffee shops, watching high-intensive TV dramas, and tumbling.

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