Initiative for Maximizing Student Development


Linzie Taylor (2017)

Linzie Taylor, Neuroscience
Mentor: Walter Walthall, Ph.D.

Linzie is from Lawrenceville, GA and she is in her sophomore year at the Honors College at Georgia State University; where she majors in Neuroscience and minors in African American Studies. Linzie is primarily interested in neurobiology and behavior as well as neurosociology. Currently, she works in Dr. Walthall’s lab at Georgia State where she studies the motor pathways of C. elegans and the genetic networks behind them. Linzie is an IMSD Fellow, and she discovered her love for neuroscience while at a National Student Leadership Conference summer program in 2014. There she attended a lecture on neuron regenesis using stem cells for neurodegenerative diseases, and she’s been intrigued with the field ever since. She is also passionate about social and political activism which further fuels her interest in neurosociology. In the future, Linzie plans to earn her PH.D. and continue doing research.

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