Initiative for Maximizing Student Development


Nguyen, Uy


Uy Nguyen is a sophomore at Georgia State University. He majored in Neuroscience because of his interest in resolving difficult problems within the nervous system. His fascination came from high school volunteering on the neurological floor at a local hospital. He sympathized for the patients that had neurological damage after a stroke or brain trauma. Neurological issues strip patients of basic functions for a normal life, functions that ordinary people take for granted. From his experience at the hospital, he wanted to play a role in developing better treatment for neurological dysfunctions. Since his freshman year at Georgia State, he joined a research lab that explores the effects of genes on dendritic morphology. From these experiences, he is debating on becoming a physician (neurologist or neurosurgeon) or going into the industry to develop medicine for neurological disorders. His aspiration is to push the development a drug or a drug system that could target a specific nucleus or even a single neuron to cure neurological disorders.

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