Initiative for Maximizing Student Development


Carley Elizabeth Taronji (2017)

Carley Elizabeth Taronji, Psychology
Mentor: Kyle Frantz, Ph.D.
Carley Taronji is a senior at Georgia State University majoring in psychology. She is primarily interested in the development, administration, and evaluation of academic programs instituted in public school settings. This interest developed from two years of experience as a supplemental instructor for history at Georgia State, as well as volunteer experience with Cool Girls, Inc., an after-school program for 3rd to 5th-grade girls. She saw how engagement in these programs translated into increased participation in the classroom and wishes to play a role in instituting similar programs in all school systems. Currently, she works in the lab of Dr. Ackerman at Georgia Tech studying individual differences in reaching performance goals in complex tasks. She is beginning work in the lab of Dr. Frantz conducting research on biological vulnerability to drugs of abuse among cocaine experienced versus naïve adolescent and adult male rats. In her free time, Carley enjoys indoor rock climbing, creative writing, and visiting nature attractions.”

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