Initiative for Maximizing Student Development


Research Assistantships

IMSD Fellows are hired as research assistants. They are expected to carry out research-related tasks for 10 – 40 hours per week in the summer and 5 – 15 hours per week during the academic year. In summer, we reserve Wednesday afternoons from approximately 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm for weekly professional development workshops, conducted in partnership with the Brains & Behavior summer program. Both IMSD Fellows and their mentors are likely to benefit most if Fellows are included in as many aspects of the research process as possible in a 10-week experience, e.g. exploration of background literature, experimental design, data collection and analysis, interpretation, presentation, and writing.

Program leaders will be pleased to support students who are seeking additional presentation opportunities at conferences, seminars, and symposia. Fellows are encouraged to share information about upcoming events.

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