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Diversity V.S. Racism, Johnny I. Henry, Xlibris Corporation, 2012

The writing is selected to show the inside religious viewpoint of poor people and people of color.  The author attempts to address all of the illness from poverty as a working of God.  As a celestial, the circumstance should be dealt with through prayer and faith.  Faith in the good will of fellow man, even the aggressor, oppressor deserves a prayer.

The author divides the issues and concerns of the poor into categories.  The categories help to clarify the content of the passage as follows;

Triangular Effect Theory
A great ancient spiritual force is with us before birth. The spiritual force shapes our being for good or bad.  The self is a part of the triangle the can be molded to preference. The third effect is the world and the diversity it brings to life.

Lack of knowledge section suggests poor people have been poor so long that they function as being poor is a way of life.  Expectations are limited and desires are short range activities.  The author argues education is needed to inspire hope and desire. The racism bombardment does not change and the conditions for the targeted people.  Education will change the attitude of the people and uplift the forecast.  Knowledge of self and culture are the key to building future for the poor directly.

The focus of this journal is about the damage done by long-term adversity and poverty.  The author argues God’s unconditional Love prevails, and the good will come forth from the white supremacist and turn things around.  He contends there is positive drama and negative drama and accounts for the aggressive behavior.  There is a balance to this madness that is not being considered.