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Baobab Tree and the Freedom Fighters

Name: Don Norwood

Title: Freedom

Media: Multimedia, wood, acrylic paint, plaster sculpture

Description: Baobab Tree and the Freedom Fighters, Three sculptures in relief. The backdrop is the Underground Railroad period piece. Harriot Tubman, Army General in the Confederate War, Leader of the Underground railroad, she leads more than 400 slaves to freedom Sojourner Truth, Freed Slave, Advocate for justice, Women’s rights, public speaker. Famous for 1851 Ohio speech “Aint I A Woman” Abolitionist and Women’s Rights Movement. Ida B. Wells, 1892 New Paper editor “Memphis Free Speech” Advocating against lynching and slavery in the south.

Size: (37” L x 21” W) Date: 09/2016 The original sculpture price: $1,200 Prints 12”x 18” Autographed by artist, to recipient: $20