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Discussion Food “Acrylic Paint is mainstream Art medium.”

Paintings are mad to convey visual information to the viewer.  Painting is the standard form of art we have grown accustomed.  Every day we are bombarded with graphical images that give us direction, warnings, advertisement and many other suggestions.

A graphic illustration is the beginning of creating a layout of a design concept.  Color helps to show values and contours that make the art more appealing. The choice of color is important to the message the art wants to convey. The hue and the intensity of the colors impact the visibility of the art. Artist us a variety of color mediums to obtain the color schemes for the desired result.

The Masters of painted media preferred oils to make high quality and detailed wall hangings. Some painting on exposed walls, the artist used water based paint. Usually, the wall would be coated with plaster because it bonded well with the water based paint. Michaelangelo was famous for painting walls using tempera paint.  Tempra is a water base paint well known for use in Fresco painting.  Fresco paintings use a plaster backing for tempera paint application.  Fresco paintings are durable and last hundreds of years depending on the environment.

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Oil paint is the old standard and has qualities not surpassed by another type of paint.  Oil painting requires a considerable period to dry properly.  For commercial artist slow drying time is unacceptable.  Even the tempura paint has a curing process necessary for best results.  The processing time required when using Oils, or water based paint is a serious issue for commercial production artist.

Acrylic paint is water based and gives vibrant color value on many of the standard paper types. Acrylics are fast drying and allow impasto painting techniques for textural effects.  The use of acrylic paint is growing in the commercial advertising world.  The artist is gaining acceptance by using acrylic paint medium.

Is the question acrylic paint is an acceptable medium to standardize graphic color illustration on a commercial level?

My Hypothesis supports the idea water based paints are more versatile than using oils or acrylics.

Updated Research 4/2016

The Airbrush community has direct application for Gouache, acrylic paint and Oils as well. The airbrush has the capability of using several types of mediums that include gouache, acrylic and oil paint.  The characteristics of these mediums vary as does the suggested application. By elimination based on application gouache and acrylic paints were the most popular mediums.  The gouache paint best application is illustration board.  As a support medium (illustration board) is most used and affordable compared to canvas.  Canvas is rated the second choice only because of the application popularity of illustration board. Canvas comes in fine to course grade texture.  This application is a free form of painting that emulates classical styles.

The choice of the airbrush community is gouache paint medium most used.  Watercolor paint is considered to be a close rival and widely accepted by the industry as well.

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