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Morton, Margret “Fragile Dwelling”, New York: Aperture, 2000

Margret Morton uses her photography as a social witness of real-life conditions of the Homeless in her publication, Margaret Morton, Fragile Dwelling, (2000).  Morton uses discretion when she photographs the Homeless and tries not to invade privacy or trespass too closely.  Morton claims, Her photographs engage levels of social order through observation, which generate responses and inspire political action.

The proceeds from her book and photographs are donated to the Coalition for the Homeless, New York, a non-profit beneficiary.  Morton supports the Homeless wherever she travels. Morton helps to organize the Homeless through consolidated groups who would otherwise advocate for themselves.
Funding for Fragile Dwelling is sponsored by The Buhl Foundation, Coalition for the Homeless.  Margret Morton’s ongoing projects are supported by grants and Art endowments.

To publicize and give attention to the Homeless plight, Morton uses her photography to convey this message.  The “Homeless are people too” who have rights and desires that are not respected, and Morton is dedicated to bringing awareness and resources to their aide.

This article addresses cross-cultural issues and a message about humanitarianism, relevant to the general public.