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The 6th Mass Extinction

The last Polar bear on the Last Iceberg.

Name: Don Norwood

Title: The 6th Mass Extinction Media: Ceramic sculpture, Plexiglas cube
Date: 09/2016 Description: The last Polar bear on the Last Iceberg. The Polar bear is a “Key Indicator” of the 6th Mas Extinction.  Indicator of climate change as the polar caps are shrinking and the habitat is diminishing rapidly based on the evolutionary scale.  Sea levels are rising, earth quakes and mud slides, hurricanes and major storms occur while overlapping seasons with abnormal weather patterns.  This overall condition is called climate change.

Size: (17” L x 9” W x 5” H) The original sculpture price: $ 200 Prints 12”x 18” Autographed by artist, to recipient: $20