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Is America Broken or Just the Pot?
The sculpture represents the current climate of American Politics.  The teapot is broken as is the tea party with conflicting views. The strained relationship between the government strips and states in blue represent loss perspective.
America is broken if the current administration is a continuation of broken promises of justice and equality.
The doctrine inscribed on the Statue of Liberty is false, by Emma Lazarus. “The Melting Pot is broken.”
This land of immigrants now wants to stop other immigrants from coming in.  The Native American and the African American are not immigrants but are treated the poorest in America.
On Exhibition at the GSU Fine Arts Gallery Clarkston campus, reception April 6th thru April 27th.
This unique sculpture incorporates a 3D Ceramic Cup, 2-1/2D bisque fired Tea Pot that overlays a Fresco Painting. (20″ H x 20″ W x 6″ D)
By Don Norwood
GSU student 2017