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Art Station

Stone Mountain Entertainment

Built Environment, The Stn. Mtn. Art Station

The Stone Mountain “Art Station” is located in downtown, one block north of Stone Mountain Lithonia Hwy.  The Art Station has been open for more than ten years.  The theme and management have changed several times over the years.  The Art Station is a business and provides services to artist and the community.  The artist can join and receive benefits through membership.  The artist can have shows and participate in exhibits for money and festival shows.  Community events and performances are offered with advance ticket sales.

The venue has two floors with an elevator for accessibility.  The upper floor is a fine gallery for traditional exhibitions.  There are some works that are on permanent display.  These permanent works are owned by the Art Station. Classrooms and meeting rooms are housed on the second landing near the gallery area. Thi floor is a quiet area; all the rooms use doors, so gallery visitors are undisturbed.

The main floor is where activities are held, and rental space is available to the public.  Wedding receptions are common at the Art Station.  Weekly youth events are scheduled year round.  The main level has a full bar and dance area capacity for 12 couples.  The seating area doubles as food service and luncheon meeting space.  The grand feature of the facility is the auditorium.  There is access from outside and from the Bar used during performance intermissions.

While surveying the Art Station interior I was introduced to Andre Bennett, Director.  Mr. Bennett manages performing artist and uses them in his productions.  Currently, he is making digital media pilots.  I was invited to attend a filming session rehearsal for a pilot. A portion of the rehearsal was captured for this Built Environment description of Stone Mountain, Art Station facility.

Sweet Potato Pie Restaurant

Sweet Potato Pie Restaurant

After the filming session, we visited the “Sweet Potato Pie” restaurant across from the Art Station.  The restaurant is open for morning commuters and evening dinner six days per week.  Art Station patrons use the restaurant as overflow between curtain calls.  The Art Station and Sweetpatatoe Pie compliment each other and blend an invisible convenience in the community.