CSAL Phase 1 Reading Patterns and Attitudes Survey (Question 6)

CSAL Item Number: 6

CSAL Question: Do you read (1) Newspapers, (2) Magazines/Comic books, (3) Information on the internet, (4) Email, (5) Advertisements, (6) Recipes, (7) Maps, (8) TV guides, (9) Stories/Novels, (10) Science/History, (11) Religious material, (12) Self-help material, (13) Manuals/Catalogs/Reference books?

CSAL Response Options: 6=Everyday, 5=A few times a week, 4=Once a week, 3=Less than once a week, 2=Rarely, 1=Never, 777=Don’t know, 888=No response

Source: None (CSAL in-house)

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