Coh-Metrix Advanced Overview

What are the indices?

Descriptive: Provides basic information about the text you entered to help you check the output and make sure that the information makes sense (e.g., number of paragraphs, sentence count, word count).

Text Easability Principal Component Scores: Provides scores on the ease or difficulty of the linguistic characteristics of your text (e.g., word concreteness, syntactic simplicity, verb cohesion).

Referential Cohesion: Provides information about the overlap in content words between local sentences or co-references within your text (e.g., noun overlap, argument overlap, content word overlap).

LSA (Latent Semantic Analysis): Provides information about the semantic overlap between the sentences or paragraphs in your text.

Lexical Diversity: Provides information concerning the variety of unique word types that appear in your text in relation to the overall number of words in your text.

Connectives: Provides information concerning the cohesive links between ideas and clauses within your text. It also provides clues about how your text is organized (e.g., casual connectives, logic connectives, temporal connectives).

Situation Model: Provides information regarding the level of mental representation for your text beyond the obvious words, for example, the plot in a narrative.

Syntactic Complexity: Provides information regarding the part-of-speech categories, groups of word phrases, and syntactic structures for sentences (e.g., nouns, verbs, non-phrases, verb-phrases).

Syntactic Pattern Density: Provides information about the concentration of syntactic patterns, word types, and word phrases (e.g., score of noun phrases, score of verb phrases).

Word Information: Provides information on the syntactic categories (e.g., nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs) of the words used and the function (e.g., preposition, pronouns) of the words.

Readability: Provides information on the ease or difficulty in which your text can be read and understood.


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