Coh-Metrix Basic Overview

What is the Coh-Metrix?

Coh-Metrix is a tool that you can use to learn more about the language used in a passage of text. This tool will allow you to input text of fewer than 1000 words and view a summary of the text. Your text summary will have several categories and scores you can use to learn more.

What categories will you be able to learn about?

Descriptive: This category will tell you basic information about the text you entered to help you check the summary and make sure that the information makes sense. For example, you will see the number of paragraphs, sentence count, and word count.

Readability: Here you can find out how easy or hard your text is to read and understand.

Syntactic Ease: Here you will learn about the part-of-speech categories, groups of word phrases, and syntactic structures for sentences. This will include information syntactic complexity, embedded structures, and load on working memory. 
Word Information: In this category you will find information about grammar categories including nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs of the words used in the text. You will also see information about the function of the words, including prepositions and pronouns.

Narrativity: Narrative text tells a story, with characters, events, places, and things that are familiar to the reader. Narrative is closely affiliated with everyday oral conversation.

Referential cohesion: High cohesion texts contain words and ideas that overlap across sentences and the entire text, forming threads that connect the explicit textbase.

Deep cohesion: Causal, intentional, and other types of connectives help the reader form a more coherent and deeper understanding of the text at the level of the causal situation model.