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Home Page

  1. This is the first page that appears, once you have typed in the the url. The home page consist of bold colors such as reds and whites with bold black trimming. The layout is in visual layers. First layer of the website is slides showing various cuisines and food styles. Next layer another is of multiple videos showing how the different cuisines are prepared, cooked and eaten throughout metro-Atlanta area.   The final layer is social media. In this final layer multiple compartments are displaying friendly poll surveys and top article pieces mentioned in twitter post.
Drop Down Menu

Drop Down Menu

2. When observing the page moving my cursor over the different tabs, a drop down menu appears. In this drop down menu there are a list of all the place in metro Atlanta that Atlanta Eats has reviewed. The range of places spand from Luckie-Marietta:street which is located just south of Georgia State’s class building Aderhold all the way to Athens- Home of the University of Georgia.

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3. After browsing through all the different locations I choose Luckie-Marrietta district Due to its proximity to Georgia State. The next web page popped up with the with the various places that had been interviewed by the food review site. Some of the choices were Palm which is a restaurants that serves hard meals as well as Mac’s Coal  Oven pizzeria.

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4. Next once clinking the name of the restaurant it brings it to a link that shows a video about what the restaurant has on their menu and also the atmosphere of the restaurants and the type of people that attend. The link page also consist of  others ads on the from company like GAS South which in returns bring more revenue to the overall site.

Article of the Week

Article of the Week

5. The final article was the article of the week. This article is located on the side page and the page linked to a piece that talked about the best cuisine of the week.The article describes the taste and the overall quality of the actual food.

Full Summary

The website has an overall hardy look with bold colors and appetizing meals on the home page. The home page immediately encompasses what the television show is about.  Initially the subject of food is brought  the page.  The homepage faintly resembling the layers of a cake. This cake-like structure contained vital information within each of the layers. The layers’ placement of being first visual and providing the site visitor with a “Taste” of what foods are reviewed on Additionally, the secondary layer explains in depth the various dishes prepared and their ingredients. The final layer is combination of social media platforms and also advertising. The look of the home page transitions into the following links that direct the visitor to the section of the page where they can find restaurants in their  areas that were reviewed. Once the cursor is placed over the link the once black word highlights red and page is clicked. This now directs you to the individual restaurants review page revealing the specialty dishes on each page as well as more general information about the reviewed website. Also in the margins of the screen there are multiple tabs leading to links with articles on various culinary pieces with trendy headlines also in bold black lettering and the same hardy colors matching the homepage background. The overall look and designed of the website sets the view for how Atlanta food and culture are experienced through metro-Atlanta.


Interior Built Environment Descriptions

Inside Layout

  1. Upon first stepping into the coffee shop, I immediately noticed cozy lounge area. The area created an atmosphere of a traditional coffee shop, while still providing an open layout. The hardwood floor and neutral colored walls warmed the room and mentally placed you in the setting of being inside a cup of coffee. Also the coffee shop utilizes their lighting by taking advantage of the natural light from the wide glass windows, in combination of fabric canopy coverings that hang over the industrial lights of the building.


Merchandise Display

Merchandise Display

2. After noticing the initial layout of the coffee, I became aware their merchandise display. The framework material of the display remained consistent with the hardwood theme. The hardwood’s color is much richer than the hardwood floor, which allowed the shop’s retail items pop against the dark background. The items sold consisted of various mugs ranging from giant ceramic mugs to temperature controlled tumbler cups.



3. The Dancing goat’s menu consist of a selected amount of items. The format of the menu comprised of three main sections- Iced drinks, chilly goat, and fine coffee. Under each main section were the various styles of coffee each containing less items than the previous section. The menu’s price ranged from the cheapest item being an iced tea for $2.10 to the most expensive item being a specialty mocha drink price at $4.30. The items are priced very economically in comparison to chain coffee enterprises like Starbucks.


Sitting Area

4. Once I my order had been place, I ventured throughout the coffee shop to find a place to sit. I landed on a small dark stained coffee table located in the corner of the coffee shop. On each side of the table, high sitting wooden stools were placed. This allowed the table to become an aid instead of a visual obstacle. On the wall behind the table, were two locally created paintings. The left painting was produced through the medium of water color, while the right was produced by oil paint. Each of the painting added a peaceful element to my sitting experience.



5. Now with a place to sit, I proceeded back to the counter to receive my latte’. The latte’ itself was placed in a giant cappuccino style cup. The heavy cream that is customarily present in a latte’ was expertly crafted into a heart. As the cream expanded in the cup, heart ringlets started to form and my anticipation to sip was finally granted..


Innovation in the ClassRoom

Active Learning envirmoment

Active Learning enviroment

Summary of “Pedagogy Matters, Too: The Impact of Adapting Teaching Approaches to Formal Learning Environments on Student Learning” – D. Christopher Brooks, Catherine A. Solheim

In this article, D. Brooks and Catherine Solheim examines the how students learn and receive information when taught in an active learning environment. The study began in the fall 2009 on the campus of the university of Minnesota. The experimenters wanted to produce constant data over multiple semesters. So the study was conducted using the same instructor, classroom (student in the ALC), and personal finance course.

Once Brook and Solheim, created the constant they started the active learning experiment, also known as the qusi-experiment. The course –Personal Family Finance converted from a traditional lecture into an active learning environment. In the team learning environment, the students had mandatory class attendance, viewed videos, and other required material before each class. (Brown 54) Also the traditional use of hardback textbooks were nixed from the active classroom setting and now student receive crucial information through technological mediums.

After the active learning approach had been implemented to the personal Finance course, brown and Solheim collected data from one-hundred and eleven students who had been expose to the active learning course in the fall of 2009. The Students were asked at the end of the semester to complete a forty-five question survey on their experience in the active learning environment. Once the data was collected, brown and solhiem observed that the student who took the traditional Personal Finance course in the fall of 2008 received an overall grade of 81.80 and the students who were exposed to the qusi-experiment in the fall of 2009 received an overall grade of 85.50. (Brown 56) These results reinforced the experimenter’s original hypothesis that the active learning approach would increase the grade average of student who were actively engaged in the learning process then those who are not.

In addition to the initial results displayed about the increase in grade point average in students in the active learning course, another explanation is the difference in presentation the course assignments. This is due to the fall 2009 ALC students having been introduce to the assigments in an engaged manner than the traditional learning students. The data collected that students that received engaged approach to major course assignments produced high averages. ALC students received 14.60 percent higher on participation, 5.36 percent on the financial planner, 6.43 percent on case studies, 13.60 percent on the final exam, and 9.31 on various quizzes. (Brown 58)


Fortunately, the final condenses of the qusi-experiment conducted by Brown and Solhiem rendered three conclusions. The first is that the ALC learning approach should be considered in colleges and universities. Secondly, instructors teaching the course should approach the course which an active learning mentality.  And the third conclusion is that there is more than ALC method of teaching, and each instructor must find the style and method that is most effective for them as in individual.

As time continues and technology becomes more prevalent in our everyday society active learning approach will be implemented more over time.

Brooks, D. Christopher, and Catherine A. Solheim. “Pedagogy Matters, Too: The Impact of Adapting Teaching Approaches to Formal Learning Environments on Student Learning.” New Directions for Teaching & Learning 2014, no. 137 (Spring 2014): 53. doi:10.1002/tl.20085.

“Field Notes” Oakhurst Community Garden

Brion Field Notes Video

  1. While walking around the Oakhurst Community,  I observed a berry tree and was immediately interested in the tree. The tree’s leaves were still full with vivid green leaves and bright red berry stood out against the mass green. After inspecting the tree, I leaned forward to receive a closer look. I was meet by a wax like feel to the leaves of the tree and a firm feeling about the bright red berries that the tree produced.


2. As I continued my journey throughout the garden, these small quaint statues happened to be placed around the entire garden. The unique aspect about the sculptures is that they all contained different meaning and purposes for the garden. In this photo the statue that displayed contains a mix of naturalistic and imaginary characteristics.  By the garden containing pieces of artwork such as this one, a greater diversity within the garden is achieved.

Inspirational Poles

Inspirational Poles

3. In addition to the sculptures being scattered throughout Oakhurst community garden, these inspirational poles also popped up throughout the entire duration of my garden adventure. All of the quotes printed on the poles were structured in simple sentences, but the verbiage contained strong wording that evoke a pure sense of inspiration to all individuals who encountered them

Children's Play Area

Children’s Play Area

4. While the parents sow the soil and plant seeds, the children can wait for the harvest in garden’s children play area. The Oakhurst community carved out an area of the garden specially dedicated a children’s jungle gym designed with earth tones and colors. The play area caters to physical aspect of the garden through the jungle gym but also designates attention to the creative elements by allocating a section in the play area for a book box. The book box allows children to grab a book and plot down on a bench under a shaded tree; moreover, so their minds can sow the seed of knowledge through reading and reap the benefits.

Goodbye Garden: Final Field Notes

Goodbye Garden:
Final Field Notes

5.  After completing the entire path through the garden, I investigated the exit that let out into the actual Oakhurst community. The sign reinforced that the garden is simply one entity in within the all encompassing Oakhurst community. Also, under the sign was a bench and this bench carried a symbolic meaning. My personal experienced while sitting on the bench enlightened me to the idea that although community has various places to visit, one should partake in a moment to enjoy sitting and watching the community that they are apart of.

Oakhurst Garden Description

Oakhurst Community community park exemplified the true meaning of a built environment. Oakhurst Community Garden is located at 435 Oakview Rd, Decatur, GA 30030.  My visit to the garden was on a Monday afternoon, the air was fresh and brisk. When I began my tour around the garden I noticed the open layout.  While standing at the entrance, the majority of the garden’s framework is visible. The first attribute that drew my attention was the graffiti wall. The spray-painted image of the bee pollinating the flower against the red-brick background gave the garden’s main office building a splash of Pizzazz.

Once I fully entered the garden, I was able to view the garden’s main structure: the plots. The plots are the crucial elements of the garden. Residents within in the community tend to their plots, reaping hardy vegetation throughout the entire year. While on the my visit I witnessed a plot growing kale. I was able to see a garden plot in action, growing local and fresh vegetation. This illustrates the true meaning of the garden within the oakhurst community. In addition, the garden processed a have peaceful feeling by the faint sounds of birds chirping and wind chimes. A sacred vibe was revealed  deeper through the praying saint located adjacent to the plots. The presence of the saint created the understood feeling that garden is a scared space and the act of growing and producing food can be carried out in a wholesome environment.

My overall experience of Oakhurst Community Garden Provided a new insight on the word  community. The energetic and creative energy surrounding the garden demonstrates the general feeling experienced throughout the entire oakwood community.  I truly enjoy the garden and will definitely revisit in the spring when the natural beauty of the garden is shining at full capacity.

Community Seal

Community Seal

Built Environment Descriptions

Okahurst Community Garden

Oakhurst Community Garden

1.The Oakhurst community garden is located within the city of Decatur. This garden serves as green space to provide the resident of this community with a haven to grow an array of vegetation ranging from seasonal fruits and vegetables to decorative flowers. The Oakhurst garden provides the community with true sense of locally grown produce while, still contributing the environmental benefits while living in an urban neighborhood.


Nature graffiti Mural









2. Upon walking into the garden, on the left side of the garden’s main office building is a graffiti mural. The mural displays a bee in it’s natural function of pollinating a flower. Throughout the duration of the mural, the primary colors yellow and green are produced in many shades of greens ranging from a pastel to a deep rich olive color likewise, to the yellow conforming from the shade of a bee to the golden color of the water pumps. This mural is a representation of a artwork form that usually contains the negative stereotype of vandalism when associated in an urban environment. Instead the art form of graffiti is repurposed so solidify the garden is urbanized while simultaneously capturing the importance of this green space within this community.


Garden Plot

3. The Oakhurst Garden is set up into individual plots. These plot are managed by community residents who pay annual dues and contribute their time throughout the year to maintain the garden’s upkeep and vegetation. As a result, the community residents are allocated their own individual plots to grow any kind of produce, fruits, or other vegetation on their choosing.



4. While in the garden, I was able to experience on the plots at work. This particular plot is growing a Kale. The Kale held an appetizing green that demonstrated pure freshness. The Oakhurst garden’s diversity in vegetation throughout the year allows for hardy green like lettuce to prosper despite it being one Georgia’s coldest winter months- January.




5. In the garden off to side sits this mural of praying saint. The saint’s positioning is adjacent to the community growing plots. While I stood gazing back and forth between the saint and the garden plots a purpose of saint in the was now understood. The saint is the watcher of the garden. This creates a peaceful feeling within the entire garden and a safe place.