Oakhurst Garden Description

Oakhurst Community community park exemplified the true meaning of a built environment. Oakhurst Community Garden is located at 435 Oakview Rd, Decatur, GA 30030.  My visit to the garden was on a Monday afternoon, the air was fresh and brisk. When I began my tour around the garden I noticed the open layout.  While standing at the entrance, the majority of the garden’s framework is visible. The first attribute that drew my attention was the graffiti wall. The spray-painted image of the bee pollinating the flower against the red-brick background gave the garden’s main office building a splash of Pizzazz.

Once I fully entered the garden, I was able to view the garden’s main structure: the plots. The plots are the crucial elements of the garden. Residents within in the community tend to their plots, reaping hardy vegetation throughout the entire year. While on the my visit I witnessed a plot growing kale. I was able to see a garden plot in action, growing local and fresh vegetation. This illustrates the true meaning of the garden within the oakhurst community. In addition, the garden processed a have peaceful feeling by the faint sounds of birds chirping and wind chimes. A sacred vibe was revealed  deeper through the praying saint located adjacent to the plots. The presence of the saint created the understood feeling that garden is a scared space and the act of growing and producing food can be carried out in a wholesome environment.

My overall experience of Oakhurst Community Garden Provided a new insight on the word  community. The energetic and creative energy surrounding the garden demonstrates the general feeling experienced throughout the entire oakwood community.  I truly enjoy the garden and will definitely revisit in the spring when the natural beauty of the garden is shining at full capacity.

Community Seal

Community Seal

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