Interior Built Environment Descriptions

Inside Layout

  1. Upon first stepping into the coffee shop, I immediately noticed cozy lounge area. The area created an atmosphere of a traditional coffee shop, while still providing an open layout. The hardwood floor and neutral colored walls warmed the room and mentally placed you in the setting of being inside a cup of coffee. Also the coffee shop utilizes their lighting by taking advantage of the natural light from the wide glass windows, in combination of fabric canopy coverings that hang over the industrial lights of the building.


Merchandise Display

Merchandise Display

2. After noticing the initial layout of the coffee, I became aware their merchandise display. The framework material of the display remained consistent with the hardwood theme. The hardwood’s color is much richer than the hardwood floor, which allowed the shop’s retail items pop against the dark background. The items sold consisted of various mugs ranging from giant ceramic mugs to temperature controlled tumbler cups.



3. The Dancing goat’s menu consist of a selected amount of items. The format of the menu comprised of three main sections- Iced drinks, chilly goat, and fine coffee. Under each main section were the various styles of coffee each containing less items than the previous section. The menu’s price ranged from the cheapest item being an iced tea for $2.10 to the most expensive item being a specialty mocha drink price at $4.30. The items are priced very economically in comparison to chain coffee enterprises like Starbucks.


Sitting Area

4. Once I my order had been place, I ventured throughout the coffee shop to find a place to sit. I landed on a small dark stained coffee table located in the corner of the coffee shop. On each side of the table, high sitting wooden stools were placed. This allowed the table to become an aid instead of a visual obstacle. On the wall behind the table, were two locally created paintings. The left painting was produced through the medium of water color, while the right was produced by oil paint. Each of the painting added a peaceful element to my sitting experience.



5. Now with a place to sit, I proceeded back to the counter to receive my latte’. The latte’ itself was placed in a giant cappuccino style cup. The heavy cream that is customarily present in a latte’ was expertly crafted into a heart. As the cream expanded in the cup, heart ringlets started to form and my anticipation to sip was finally granted..


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