“Field Notes” Oakhurst Community Garden

Brion Field Notes Video

  1. While walking around the Oakhurst Community,  I observed a berry tree and was immediately interested in the tree. The tree’s leaves were still full with vivid green leaves and bright red berry stood out against the mass green. After inspecting the tree, I leaned forward to receive a closer look. I was meet by a wax like feel to the leaves of the tree and a firm feeling about the bright red berries that the tree produced.


2. As I continued my journey throughout the garden, these small quaint statues happened to be placed around the entire garden. The unique aspect about the sculptures is that they all contained different meaning and purposes for the garden. In this photo the statue that displayed contains a mix of naturalistic and imaginary characteristics.  By the garden containing pieces of artwork such as this one, a greater diversity within the garden is achieved.

Inspirational Poles

Inspirational Poles

3. In addition to the sculptures being scattered throughout Oakhurst community garden, these inspirational poles also popped up throughout the entire duration of my garden adventure. All of the quotes printed on the poles were structured in simple sentences, but the verbiage contained strong wording that evoke a pure sense of inspiration to all individuals who encountered them

Children's Play Area

Children’s Play Area

4. While the parents sow the soil and plant seeds, the children can wait for the harvest in garden’s children play area. The Oakhurst community carved out an area of the garden specially dedicated a children’s jungle gym designed with earth tones and colors. The play area caters to physical aspect of the garden through the jungle gym but also designates attention to the creative elements by allocating a section in the play area for a book box. The book box allows children to grab a book and plot down on a bench under a shaded tree; moreover, so their minds can sow the seed of knowledge through reading and reap the benefits.

Goodbye Garden: Final Field Notes

Goodbye Garden:
Final Field Notes

5.  After completing the entire path through the garden, I investigated the exit that let out into the actual Oakhurst community. The sign reinforced that the garden is simply one entity in within the all encompassing Oakhurst community. Also, under the sign was a bench and this bench carried a symbolic meaning. My personal experienced while sitting on the bench enlightened me to the idea that although community has various places to visit, one should partake in a moment to enjoy sitting and watching the community that they are apart of.

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