Can Design End Racism?: Unit 3 Annotated Bib

18 September 2014 photos by Kristin Serafint
18 September 2014
photos by Kristin Serafint

McKenzie, Simone. “Can Design End Racism? Antionette Carroll’s Creative Lab Has 3 Promising Ideas.” AIGA. N.p., n.d. Web.

AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) journalist Simone McKenzie, constructs and article about the Vice President of AIGA St. Louis Antionette Carrol, and how she had plans to change St. Louis’ race issues through design.”Spurred on by the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, Carroll initiated the idea of hosting a Creative Reaction Lab to look at sustainable design approaches to issues such as systematic racism”(para. 1).

Simone then gives background about Carroll and why this incident moves her. “Antionette Carrol is the creator and chair of the chapter’s Diversity Initiatives, and the chair of the AIGA task force on Diversity and Inclusion at the national level”(para. 2). Simone then begins taking about the different features of the Creative Reaction Lab project.

She states that the project consists of “12 designers for a 24- hour brainstorming session” and there ends up 5 different design projects. One of the projects is called the “Red Table Project”. Directed by Anna Shafer-Skelton, Christine Stavridis, Emily Iles, and De Andrea Nichols, the Red Table Project focuses on “igniting conversations between people of St. Louis who would otherwise not meet”(para. 5). Simone later explains that “the designers were certain a designed invitation to the table would result in beneficial connection and conversations”(para. 5.).

This article is useful because it displays that people are actually taking action against racism thru design. Any interested in researching racism and design may be able to use this article as a base to do more research. However,  I would not directly quote this source.

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