Marta’s Customer Service

MARTA claims that customer service is a high ranked on their priority list.

Kieth Parker coined with "saving" MARTA Photograph by Gregory Miller
Kieth Parker coined with “saving” MARTA
Photograph by Gregory Miller

First I want to start off by defining customer service. If you asked five people on the street what good customer service is they will give you five different answers so, I’ll just tell you how the customer service at my job is measured. How we tend to our customers, how we present ourselves to the customers, and how we treat our customers are all things that make up our customer service. To wager how well MARTA is handing their customer service at 5 points station I will use my personal account of their services that I obtained while conducting an observation of the stations exterior environment. Here is a list of just a portion of things I encountered while observing the station.

  • There were cigarette buds covering the station entrance.
  • Various empty cans and empty bottles were scattered across the ground.
  • There weren’t any representatives on duty to answer any questions that I had.
  • Many of the the machines were you’re supposed load and purchase MARTA cards were broken and made lines for entry very long.
  • There was resemblance of what used to be a telephone on the entrance wall, however the phone was no longer there and therefore could not be used to call for help by individuals who don’t have cellphones.

The list continues on and on but this should give a basic idea of how customer service is not a high priority at 5 points station.