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Just How Safe is 5 Points Station?

Photo retrieved from Dave Conner/
Photo retrieved from Dave Conner/

In 2014 5 Points MARTA Station was ranked #1 in the top 5 most dangerous MARTA stations according to Atlanta public transportation examiner Sara Cheshire (para. 7).  Within her article Cheshire states that after examining MARTA Police Department’s website she learned that 5 points acquired a total of 41 recorded crimes in 2014, in comparison with the 4 other stations listed at 30, 28, 25, and 23. These numbers do not take into account the daily crimes that go on in the surrounding areas of the MARTA station and in this case the outside crimes don’t necessarily boost its reputation. For example, according to a crime map located within Atlanta Police Department’s public records, Zone 6, the zone in which 5 points station is located, acquired these crime statistics in 2016:

Screenshot of Atlanta Police Department's wbesite
Screenshot of Atlanta Police Department’s wbesite

These numbers don’t exactly portray safe and secure to me.