Marta’s Reliability

Would You Bet Your Bottom Dollar on the Reliability of the Trains That Run Through 5 Points Station?

5 Points Station 4pm Photo retrieved from Profiling Atlanta's Transportation WordPress cite
5 Points Station 4pm
Photo retrieved from Profiling Atlanta’s Transportation WordPress cite

I am very positive that if you asked 100 random people at 5 points station to rate the train’s reliability on a scale from 1-10, most answers would be below 5. I’ve come to this assumption due to my personal experiences and also the recorded data of other individual’s experiences.

For example, I’ve been stuck on plenty of MARTA trains bound for 5 points and have also missed trains do to crowded units at this particular station. My boyfriend uses the train quite often and here is what he had to say about MARTA’s reliability. “I use the train because it is very cost effective and convenient, however you cannot count on the trains to get you exactly where you need to go on time” (Tyler Moore). Here is an account from that sheds light on how you can find yourself “stuck” at 5 points. “5 points station had to be momentarily shut down and evacuated on Thursday November 19, 2015 at 8:40am due to bombs threats on a south bound train. Rail service into and out of the station was halted” (para. 2). Hopefully no one on this particular train was on their way to work.