Sexism and Graphic Design: Annotated Bib

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“Where Are The Female Designers?” Attitude Design. N.p., 19 Nov. 2007. Web.

   The UK based designer team Attitude Designers, conducted a small survey composed of four female “notable web designers” to shed a little bit of light on this question: “Why is it that females don’t seem to be as prominent in web design as they are in say fashion design?” (para. 2).

   The names of the four professionals are , Tanya Merone, Rina Miele , Veerle Pieters, and Larissa Meek . Here are a few example of the questions that were asked during the survey. One question read, “Do you think there are less female designers than male? If so why do you think this is?”(para. 4). Meek answers, “I know without a doubt that there are less designers in the interactive medium….. many women are creative but the technical fears of computers can seem intimidating”.

    Another question read, “Do you have any examples of sexism you have personally had to suffer- with clients of with the industry?”(para. 9). Miele answers, “Being taken serious is an issue and men accepting women as professionals and that they’re fully capable as men is also an issue iv’e faced”.

On a scale from one to useful I would rate 100 percent useful. This survey gives first hand accounts from four well-known female web designers about their experience in this field. Persons doing research on web design and sexism may find this very useful, researchers interested in the build environment of the web design industry can also use this, and this may even be useful to some interested in gender roles within corporate life.

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