Digital Built Environment

The digital site I choose to observe was It is Governor Nathen Deals and the Georgia government website. The layout of this website is the Georgia flag with the emblem in the left corner next to Governor Deal’s name. Upon entering this website, the first thing I noticed was how it provided informal information on the latest things going on in the state of Georgia and Governor Deal’s, The First Lady, and the duties that center around the government of the state of Georgia. There is a variety of information you can learn and find on this website. The drop down menu’s serve as a helpful tool to help you find the information you’re looking for. Everything is organized in a very plain yet concise way. However, the site is easy to navigate without any closed obstacles. One of the main tools that make this website helpful is the ability you have to translate the website into another language if you’re a non-English speaker. The colors that are present on this website give you the feeling as if you’re actually at the capital learning this information. I believe this website offers this feeling because it’s the government website where you can expand your knowledge on learning about your governor, the state government, and the day-to-day duties of the governor. This site is used as a tool to inform the citizens of the state of Georgia on the latest things that are happening and provide them with insightful information on the governor. Lastly, this site is advertised through the Georgia government and target its intended users through social media or people just go on the website themselves to learn about the government.