Built Environment Descriptions

Will we ever get to choose an environment that we find interesting to ourselves without selecting one from the list of the places that you and Mrs.A provide in this course?

2 thoughts on “Built Environment Descriptions

  1. rwharton3 says:

    This was in the email that went out about selecting locations for the first built environment description:

    “If you’d like to study a location that’s not on this list (it’s in alphabetical order), send me a brief email with the location in which you’re interested with a few sentences explaining your reasons for wanting to study it. Once I approve your choice, you can add it to the list with your name in the ‘Claimed By’ column.”

    So yes, you’re always welcome to select a location not on the list, just make sure you run it by me or Mrs. A first and that no one else has claimed it first.

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