Digital Artifact #1


This is the homepage of the Georgia government¬†and Governor Nathan Deal website. ¬†Here you’ll find all of the different drop down menus and links to important information regarding Governor Nathan Deal. Also, the homepage is set up to inform you of the latest news, get you to subscribe to Governor Deal’s newsletter, and stay connected via social media. I found it interesting that the homepage has a section to inform you of the latest news regarding Governor Deal and a secondary translate option when you click on accessibility at the bottom of the page, it’ll direct you to another website named where you can translate the website into other languages.

Interior: Underground Atlanta #2


This artifact is known as the upper level of Underground Atlanta. This is one of the quietest and vacant areas of Underground Atlanta. The various doors that are on this upper level used to be opened long years ago, but now they are closed and locked with a heavy chain from the inside. The upper level has pretty scenery that portrays a lot of historic meaning when you explore this vacant area.