Midterm Reflection

A’Daysia Worthen

Engl 1102

15 February 2016

Midterm Reflection


When I first entered this class, I thought it would be like a typical class experience with an uninterested English professor who just talks nonstop about the same stuff. I believe my understanding of composition has evolved due to the different academic writing process I was introduced to in this class. The writing process is different from how I have learned to write and conduct research in the past due to the various projects and assignments we are doing in this class. Another way they are different is by not being from Atlanta but a small town in the state of Georgia where you don’t really have a lot of places to explore or learn about various artifacts in a big city such as Atlanta, unless you want to say driving down a back road you never been on and exploring the wildlife that lives in the backwoods of the country a lot to explore.


I have learned and previously learned that primary research is the research that you go out and collect yourself. An example of primary research would be the built environment description while secondary research is research that already exists from other people’s experiences and data. An example of secondary research will be if you find the work of someone else’s that fits into what you are researching and cite it in your paper. The relationship between the two is that they help you create a great paper if you do them the right way. The relationship research and writing is that they both help you when it comes to writing a paper, especially research by most people have to research on the topic they are talking about to get an understanding of what is that they are writing. I plan to put everything I have learned so far into the rest of the assignments that are due in this class by making sure I complete them earlier than usual and that I stay focus and organized for this class so my work can reflect a better outcome. I believe the rhetorical situation that applies to all of the compositions in this class is the subject and the text that will make these compositions come together as a whole. The audience of my work is my fellow colleagues and professor. My work in this class will help my peers and others use this valuable information to learn more about the environments and places we are conducting various research on. This class has shown me that a blog is easier to use then the usual writing and composition materials because you can reflect ideas with your peers and learn new things within the technology field from your peers. Also, I like how your questions are answered promptly on a blog amongst your professor and peers in contrast to having to wait the next day to ask your professor or teacher the next day. The integration of multimodality has influenced my writing in a major way because it opened my eyes to new experiences. Growing up in a small town within a community that doesn’t offer a variety of such like Atlanta has shown me a lot.

I believe my strengths as a writer are providing my understanding about the material that I’m expressing my thoughts on, writing and efficient and detailed paper, and being able to focus on the main idea that is at hand. I would love to improve on making my writing more persuasive, produce grammatical free writing, learn how to make linguistic content tie more into more work, and effectively demonstrate my ability to implement different modes into my work. So far, I have participated in a group session office hour visit in addition to the required projects. I believe the group office hour sessions and group studying are more helpful by you’re able to get a better understanding of what you need help with from your peers and professor. unfornately, I’m a little dissatisfied with the effort I’ve put into this class so far due to all the work overload from all my other classes and all the stuff that we’re required to do in this particular class. Some aspects I will improve on so I can come out of this class with a good grade is managing my time more wisely, asking more questions to get a full understanding of what we’re required to do, and start doing my assignments ahead of time and stop procrastinating.

I plan on changing my approach to the remaining assignments by making sure I start on them ahead of time, don’t procrastinate, and include more multimodality and design into my posts. Some extra credit points I will try to incorporate into mu work process is more multimedia components, pictures of things that I find intriguing around the city of Atlanta because I believe it’ll make my work more creative and make it stand out in its way. I think the activities I have chosen will help me improve my writing skills by giving me a better understanding of what it is I’m writing about and help me improve on my linguistic skills.