Digital Built Environment

The digital site I choose to observe was It is Governor Nathen Deals and the Georgia government website. The layout of this website is the Georgia flag with the emblem in the left corner next to Governor Deal’s name. Upon entering this website, the first thing I noticed was how it provided informal information on the latest things going on in the state of Georgia and Governor Deal’s, The First Lady, and the duties that center around the government of the state of Georgia. There is a variety of information you can learn and find on this website. The drop down menu’s serve as a helpful tool to help you find the information you’re looking for. Everything is organized in a very plain yet concise way. However, the site is easy to navigate without any closed obstacles. One of the main tools that make this website helpful is the ability you have to translate the website into another language if you’re a non-English speaker. The colors that are present on this website give you the feeling as if you’re actually at the capital learning this information. I believe this website offers this feeling because it’s the government website where you can expand your knowledge on learning about your governor, the state government, and the day-to-day duties of the governor. This site is used as a tool to inform the citizens of the state of Georgia on the latest things that are happening and provide them with insightful information on the governor. Lastly, this site is advertised through the Georgia government and target its intended users through social media or people just go on the website themselves to learn about the government.

Digital Artifact #5


This drop down menu is labeled “Constituent Resources”. Here you can find links that’ll direct you to state and federal government agencies and offices, and frequently asked questions and information on the office of the governor. On the navigational panel on the left side you’ll see the following menus ceremonial documents, greeting letter request, FAQs, accessibility guide for visitors with disabilities, the capitol links, and contact us. The next drop down menu is labeled “Legislation”. Here you’ll find the following legislations dating back to 2011 up until now.

Digital Artifact #3


This drop down menu is labeled “Governor”. Here you have various options you can select from to learn about the governor. You can read his biography, see what the governor priorities are on issues, learn about the governor’s staff, visit the photo gallery, learn about the intern program, and schedule a request to either meet with the governor, schedule a photo, or request his participation in an event. Next, you can learn about the first lady from the drop down menu labeled “First Lady”. Here you’ll find her biography, initiatives, photo gallery, from the desk of the first lady, Georgia’s Children’s Cabinet, the governor’s mansion, and schedule a request. Also, on each of these individual’s page, there’s a stay connected link so you can stay informed on what they’re doing through social media.

Digital Artifact #1


This is the homepage of the Georgia government and Governor Nathan Deal website.  Here you’ll find all of the different drop down menus and links to important information regarding Governor Nathan Deal. Also, the homepage is set up to inform you of the latest news, get you to subscribe to Governor Deal’s newsletter, and stay connected via social media. I found it interesting that the homepage has a section to inform you of the latest news regarding Governor Deal and a secondary translate option when you click on accessibility at the bottom of the page, it’ll direct you to another website named where you can translate the website into other languages.

Built Environment Description Interior: Underground Atlanta

Eloy, Michell. "City To Sell Underground Atlanta." 90.1 WABE Atlanta's NPR Station [Atlanta] 19 Mar. 2014: n. pag. Print.

Eloy, Michell. “City To Sell Underground Atlanta.” 90.1 WABE Atlanta’s NPR Station [Atlanta] 19 Mar. 2014: n. pag. Print.

Givens, Darin. "Tuba Christmas at Underground Atlanta." ATL Urbanist. N.p., 8 Dec. 2012. Web. 2 Apr. 2016.

Givens, Darin. “Tuba Christmas at Underground Atlanta.” ATL Urbanist. N.p., 8 Dec. 2012. Web. 2 Apr. 2016.

The Underground Atlanta is a shopping and entertainment district located in the Five Points neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia. This historic landmark built in 1969 by a group of Atlanta businessman that has undergone various restorations and renovations. Underground Atlanta is rich in history that dates back to the Civil War when the city began to rebuild itself around the railroad tracks. Most of the storefronts in Underground Atlanta date back to the late 19th and 20th centuries. The more I observed this landmark I realized that there is a lot that meets the average eye of what the Underground Atlanta district has to offer. However, I came across many things I didn’t know about the Underground Atlanta district as I began watching, listening, and feeling this environment that surrounded me.


Upon entering Underground Atlanta, the first thing I noticed immediately was how quiet and isolated the upper level was. Once I got on the escalator to go down to the lower level of Alabama Street, I noticed that the food court was packed with local Atlantans and tourists, and that the dark, red brick streets were lined with concrete sidewalks. The atmosphere was very noisy with people coming and going and lounging around in front of the storefronts. As I explored around the Underground Atlanta district more, I saw that there is a variety of storefronts and vendor stalls along the Lower Alabama Street. The scenery of Underground gives you the feeling as if you’re walking on a regular street shopping at a strip mall. Underground Atlanta host various events including musical concerts at many venues and bars. The vibe that the Underground Atlanta District gave off was very a friendly one despite how noisy it was on the far left end for people to enter using the street level escalator.


Overall, the Underground Atlanta district is a friendly and adventurous place to explore that a perfect combination of a mixed atmosphere of shopping and entertainment. I do not think this site targets a particular user, although I mainly saw African- American’s walking around talking and shopping throughout the upper and lower street levels. However, based on the layout of this historic district and the retail and restaurant outlets it has to offer, I would say this area is a great combination of history, entertainment, and shopping and caters to the middle class. This site made me feel welcome, and I would not hesitate to return again soon just to shop and explore the upper level more.

Interior: Underground # 5

Visualeyemedia. “Underground Atlanta Video.” YouTube. N.p., 29 Jan. 2009. Web. 7 Mar. 2016.

This video shows what type of events takes place in Underground Atlanta. As you see, you have the typical day to day shopping that takes place in the morning to the evening, and then you have a nightlife scene that is portrayed.

Interior: Underground # 4

Eloy, Michell. "City To Sell Underground Atlanta." 90.1 WABE Atlanta's NPR Station [Atlanta] 19 Mar. 2014: n. pag. Print.

Eloy, Michell. “City To Sell Underground Atlanta.” 90.1 WABE Atlanta’s NPR Station [Atlanta] 19 Mar. 2014: n. pag. Print.

This is another picture of how the streets and walkway area of Underground Atlanta looks. There are various vendors that occupy this space and try to sell their merchandise to whoever walks by. The vendors that occupy this space are very friendly and love to hold conversation’s with everyone that walks by.

Interior: Underground Atlanta #3

Wong, Laurel. “Welcome to the Underground 2.” 2016. Jpg

Wong, Laurel. “Welcome to the Underground 2.” 2016. Jpg

The streets of Underground Atlanta are lined with various vendors that sell Atlanta Merchandise, stores, and plaques of historic information. The sidewalks and scenery of Underground give you the feeling as if you’re walking on a regular street shopping at a strip mall. The street signs and storefront windows that have signs hanging from them complete the shopping scenery of Underground Atlanta.