October 13

Midterm Conference Notes

Upcoming Projects:

  1. Service Learning Client Packet
  2. Reading Annotations

How to get ahead:

Submit anything that could grant points, including extra credit assignments, class notes, and Lynda Tutorials. As I have fallen behind on extra credit work, I would like to take time this weekend to boost my class grade to ensure an A at the end of the semester.

Tips for the Service Learning Project:

  1. Meet with group to assess project goals
  2. Service learning project is collaborative. Unlike the pitch presentation, I am not confined to one section of the project. Instead, we can all share ideas and content to create deliverables.
  3. As Our House will have to pay contractors for floorplans anyway, we should take the responsibility of creating a well-researched interoffice memo of suggested guidlines and policies, as well as signage regarding safety tips.


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