November 9

“Our House” Group Meeting & Project Update

Progress Report:

Chelsea: Created design template and color scheme via Piktochart for copywriters (Shademah & I) to follow.

Johnathan: Currently collecting additional research for the three unfinished signs.

Shademah: Currently deciding on which information to include in the Trauma Care/Awareness sign.

Miranda (Me): Completed Emergency sign and inputted text into design template. Completed text of Healthcare sign and Renovation Newsletter sign.

Group Meeting Overview (Chelsea, Johnathan, & Miranda)

  1. Discussed design template and decided as a group on several format changes, including photos & paragraph layout.
  2. Discussed potential information for Johnathan to seek out via his research, including examples of infographics hung in high occupancy facilities and infographics of emergency procedures.
  3. Discussed rhetorical situation for each of the signs, and how, as a copywriter, I should not present the information in each sign the same way. For example, the Renovation sign will include more pathos-based content, while the Emergency sign is more instructional.

Action Plan:

Chelsea: As she has completed our template and color scheme, her next tasks are to assist Shademah & me in inputting our completed sign texts into the template if necessary and make any other format changes to the signs once the full text is inputted into Piktochart.

Johnathan: Next, he will gather relevant sources for the remaining signs and pass them along to Shademah & me, in order to insure that we have addressed all relevant information in our sign texts.

Shademah: She will use her compiled research along with Johnathan’s to construct the text of the Trauma Care/Awareness sign, then input the text into the Piktochart template.

Me: As I have completed one sign entirely and have completed the text for two other signs, I need to input the remaining texts into the Piktochart template. From there, I will work with Chelsea on any formatting changes that will need to be made, and run final grammar checks of the text. I also need to write an additional document via Microsoft Word that would give suggestions on where each sign should be posted in the shelter, how many copies of each sign should be printed, and what size they should be.

Looking Ahead:

By Tonight:

Drafts of Emergency sign, Healthcare sign, & Renovation sign will be completed and inputted into Piktochart.

By Wednesday:

Draft of Trauma Care/ Awareness will be completed and inputted into Piktochart. Instructional document will also be completed.

By Thursday:

Draft of Signage will be submitted to Dr. Wharton via a link to Piktochart. Draft of instructions will be submitted via link to Dropbox.

By Friday:

Drafts sent to Dr. Wharton will be emailed to Sabine at Our House.

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