October 18

Our House Scope of Work


Miranda, Chelsea, Shademah, Jonathan

Potential Roles: Design, Copywriter, Research

Focus: Signage

Areas of Interest: Child Safety, Illness Control, Emergency Safety, Trauma Care, and Renovation News

Child Safety: Bedroom sign, common area sign

Illness Control: Restroom sign

Emergency Safety: Bedroom sign (back of door), hallway sign

Trauma Care: Bedroom sign, common area sign

Renovation News: Hallway sign

October 18: assign group roles in class

October 19: review Our House’s new website, logo, and color scheme (updated by Our House on October 17)

October 20th: have rough concepts of each sign

October 21: email memorandum of understanding to Our House

October 21-24: create cohesive sign design/layout

October 24-28: create first drafts of signage

October 31: meet with Dr. Wharton to review drafts

November 1-3: edit and create second drafts of signage

November 4: email Our House for feedback on second drafts

November 5-9: edit and create third drafts of signage and compile into first packet draft

November 10: workshop packet draft in class

November 11-15: edit and create second draft of packet

November 16: meet with Dr. Wharton to review packet draft

November 17-December 2: make final changes to packet

December 2: submit final packet to Dr. Wharton

December 3-4: complete individual reflection on service learning packet



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