October 20

Our House Team Roles

Researcher: Johnathan

The researcher will collect and compile sources relevant to our signage. For example, they will find relevant sources regarding trauma care in shelters for the common area sign. Also, they will fact-check via research any of the information we use on signage.

Copywriters: Miranda & Shademah

The copywriters will be the primary authors of the content in the signage. Specifically, they will take the compiled reference material from the researcher to create the sign texts.  They will also edit all texts for grammar, political correctness, and style.

Design: Chelsea

The designer will ensure that every sign is in alignment with a style, color scheme, and format that reflects the Our House website, mission statement, and goals. For example, the designer will make sure that all of our signs use the exact colors as the Our House logo, and will use design tools to create signs that follow a flyer format rather than a typical word document format.


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