October 6

Mid-Term Conference

Questions for Dr. Wharton:

  1. I want to make some emergency procedure signage for Our House, but I don’t want to just use a sample floor plan or map. Is there software or an application that I could use to create the map/floor plan?
  2. If i have fallen behind on extra credit work recently, can I still make it up by the end of the semester?
  3. In terms of my personal site, what is the best way to make it look more like a professional profile and not a journal?
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August 26

Syllabus & Course Information Quiz

Major Projects:

Final Grade:

The Final Grade will be based on several factors. First, the individual reading annotations will be worth 300-600 points. Second, the individual pitch presentation will be worth 125-250 points. Third, the collaborative final service learning client packet will be worth 300-600 points. Fourth, the individual online professional profile will be worth 125-250 points. Fifth, points will be rewarded for preparing for class, attending class, completing in-class work, studying, major projects, and coming to office hours. Points will also be deducted for missing class or assignments.

The Submission Form:

“Embed info here”

Units & Weekly Overview:

An overview of what is due and the readings for each unit and week is located on the course website, under the “calendar” tab, which includes a “units overview” and a “weekly overview” that include  hyperlinked lists of assignments due and readings.

Attendance Policy:

Students will earn points for attending class and lose points for unexcused absences. On average, students will lose 10 points for each unexcused absence or missed class prep assignment and earn roughly 20 points for each class attended.

Office Hours:

Dr. Wharton’s office hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 9-11, but a student can make an appointment via email at rwharton3@gsu.edu.

How to Earn Participation Credit:


Tip: Students can earn up to 25 points for participating in or organizing a group study session.

How to Get an A:

In order to achieve a final grade of an A, I will need to achieve 2,180 points, complete all four major assignments, and miss no more than four days of class.

How to Pass with a C:

In order to receive a passing grade of C, students must complete all four major assignments and miss no more than four days of class which would result in achieving 1,330 points.

Participation Tip:

If you are unsure about how to document your participation to earn points, use the submission form to submit any questions to Dr. Wharton.

Unit 1 Readings:

The following readings can be annotated via Hypothes.is